Thursday, June 24, 2010

The NHS is sucking the lifeblood from Britain

Now the fascists exempt from any expenditure cuts are demanding the right to breath test all pregnant women for evidence of smoking. Tobacco has nowhere near wrought as much damage on the country as has the message delivered by the NHS that the state is responsible for individual health! Oppression starts with the notion that we are not individually in charge of our own fates. Cutting state funding to the NHS will quickly show how caring our medical professions still remain. Local provision of care for the truly sick and incapacitated will return a sense of community to towns cities and villages up and down the country. The great charitable hospitals built by the Victorians were largely as a result of foundations and charitable donations stolen by the state in the chaos that followed World War II. How much does your GP pocket each year? What right do supposed non-fascists have to impose compulsory breath tests? Read the report here. Maybe the real policy of the Coalition Government is to reveal the true waste and inefficiency of the NHS by leaving them sufficient rope to hang themselves, if so then "Bravo" are law and order, justice, education, helping the unemployed etc., all really less important than this kind of nonsense?