Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is BP run by men with Nazi mentalities??

Watching Jeff Randall Live on Sky News this evening, when he interviewed a barely coherent Frenchman (sporting for no obvious reason other than his own foreigness, a Union Flag lapel badge on his jacket) on the future of Britain's electricity generation sources, we suddenly cut across to Washington, USA., to be shown a clearly foreign Chairman of BP explaining in heavy accents, and complete absence of coherence, a typically elitist view on the disaster that is the leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. How remote can anyone be from reality to actually refer in a supposed apology to "small people"? My entire career was spent in the oil industry, much of it involving the development of pioneering offshore oil and gas production in close association with those specialists in that area. A Bloomberg report that the leaking oil well was not to be entirely encased in cement as an economy measure is therefore completely mind-blowing. Such a gamble only became explicable as one watched the BP Chairman, the Swedish Carl-Henric Svamberg, explain in gutteral and inadequate english that he cared about small people, can any watching events unfolding on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and in the financial institutions of nearly all of a non-democratic EU really beieve that? There is something phony about this supposed BP Chairman..... Lord Brown was bad enough.... but can nobody in the present British establishment read the obvious signs these events portend. Ilamented at length the implications of the new BP logo many tears ago, all those forebodings now are fulfilled! France and Germany control our Nation through the EU and they are both clueless, and what is worse seem clearly in pursuit of a totaltarian dream as detailed in the 1941 paper by the Nazi President of the Reichsbank on a European Economic Community as described in Bernard Connolly's "Rotten Heart of Europe" ( page 231 - 232). WE MUST LEAVE THE EU NOW! Cameron departs for a European Council meeting tomorrow, let him confront the issue and only return to offer the British people our long promised referendum on the EU and thereafter recover our Parliament, our governance, our utilities, our honour and independance and rescue the names and reputations of our once great companies, clearly now controlled by money grubbing and power hungry foreigners. Small people have been crushed in England, they must react accordingly.



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