Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Euro cannot be saved without the support or consent of Europeans

Reviewing national budgets, read here, in a forum not subject to any budgetary restraints and consequently an object of derision, namely the EU, can only lead to that organization itself becoming the object of increasing detestation by citizens living through a period of budget austerity. EU Commission President Barroso in declaring EU spending superior to national expenditure has done more to damage the prospects for survival of the common european currency than anything EU Council President Van Rompuy can possibly conjure up (either within the Treaties ,or as is increasingly becoming suggested, outside their constraints) to counter the fact that any effective actions now able to be taken must now lack democratic legitimacy, as arriving at this point was only possible in contravention of the stated wills of the Irish, French and Dutch populations and non-referendums or consultation in both Britain and Germany!