Thursday, June 03, 2010

VGd'E emerges again as the EU plans another misstep!

The disaster that is today the Lisbon Treaty emerged from an attempt to bring the EU closer to democracy and the European Citizen as outlined in the Laeken Convention and then as sabotaged by the former French President Valéry Giscard d'Estaing. It was therefore no surprise when this same old elitist emerged from the woodwork to waffle in Le Monde, yesterday, on the disaster he has done so much to help create, and bemoan the loss of the former close intimacy that once existed between Germany and France as the French prepare to push the EU yet further down the road of illegality now in pursuit of saving the doomed common currency. Thanks to Open Europe for this translation of a small part of his plutocratic pontifications: He said: "we are now in a three-speed Europe. On the one side there is Britain, which has decided to stand outside European integration, and has already announced that nothing is going to change during the next five years, as the new government has ruled out the adoption of the euro. As regards decisions concerning the Eurozone, it will not be necessary to take into account its point of view. The second group is - with some exceptions, including Sweden and Poland - the one of new EU members, which have stood back during the euro crisis. The third group is the 'Eurogroup', which is relatively homogeneous". The institutions now being used by Van Rompuy's task force on economic governance for the EU are jointly financed EU structures, Britain already pays too much towards the democracy crushing EU. If we are to be sidelined over the operation and use of these institutions then we should immediately cease to finance them. The new British Government must get toi grips with the growing problem that is the EU before it blows up completely in their faces. The crisis is NOW, ignoring it will not make it go away! Read this WSJ report on the new danger to Italy, linked here.



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