Saturday, June 19, 2010

"End of Euro will be horrendous for all" - ex Telegraph editor!

Charles Moore has a good column this morning. The article may be read in full from here. I particularly liked his selected quote from Shakespeare on President Sarkozy who visited London yesterday (while amazingly agreeing over lunch with Cameron and their wives in number 10 Downing Street, that they would make maternity mortality an issue at the upcoming Canadian G20) to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Brigadier De Gaulle's wartime broadcast to France via the BBC: "Now does he feel his title/ Hang loose upon him like a giant's robe/ Upon a dwarfish thief." The truth as in nearly all comment coming from the UK media on the present euro crisis is the absolute lack of any realization that the solution for the coming enormous costs arising for Britain from the euro's collapse must eventually fall upon the UK Treasury and only by early action, disregarding the interests of our self-serving and asset voracious so-called EU partners, will the costs become bearable for our already beleaguered economy. This is why Cameron's performance in Brussels on Thursday followed by the topic discussed over lunch with President Sarkozy over lunch as reported by the media was such a disaster for our nation. We need allies in Europe as it once again splits asunder, France needs us almost as much as we must lean upon them, what a missed opportunity with the stresses of June 1940 then firmly in our leaders' minds, that early moves towards addressing the coming problems as the euro currency collapses was apparently not undertaken. John Lichfield in The Independent has a set of more rambling thoughts on the euro currency, linked here.



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