Wednesday, June 23, 2010

25% Cuts everywhere to save the sacred cow of the NHS!

Only Overseas Aid will be exempt from the 25% cuts everywhere else in government spending to allow the outdated, inefficient and obscene relic of Marxism that is the NHS to continue its grotesque squandering of the national income and what is worse the country's ever growing borrowing of overseas funds. If the public attending the Channel 4 TV debate on public sector cuts of one hundred billion pounds this week are representative of the nation at large then 75% of the nation are in agreement with this strategy (one reason I choose not to live in the lunatic asylum that England has become is that I believe the staggering insanity this figure represents as fact). Only when the individuals represented by this 75% number are sufficiently screwed by the 25% across the board cuts everywhere else will elected politicians have the courage to take a scalpel to the NHS, winter fuel allowance, universal child benefits and all the other trappings of the extreme socialist society that is the UK as daily promoted in the media, particularly the BBC, itself exempt from any pain in this far left, blindfolded Chancellor's budget!



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