Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Weakening euro serves to heighten German hegemony.

Watching Mrs Merkel pushing the new French President Fran├žois Hollande all over the red carpet laid out for his arrival in Berlin, mere hours after having been sworn into office, I pondered the news made public earlier in the day that Germany was now almost virtually alone in having a growing economy amongst the countries lashed within the eurozone, and also grew at five times the forecast rate - an obscene achievement viewed against its present attitudes towards the prosperity plight of its supposed EU partners.

A weakening Euro, read the overnight movements from Reuters, linked here, should in theory aid the exporters in the smaller and peripheral eurozone member states, yet the German industrial panzer allowed free range within the structures of the EU, has already crushed and pulverised such ventures. German industry together with those so far allowed to survive in its immediately neighbouring states will thus gain the benefits of the tumbling Euro.

German apologists such as the Sky Foreign "expert" in Berlin for the Hollande visit, may well repeat every hour the plight of ordinary Germans during the Weimar Republic hyper-inflation, but it is wearing thin with this observer seeing first hand a Continent laid to waste through German intransigence. What does Germany want with this plundered and secreted wealth I wondered, power to prod and push it appeared was the answer!

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