Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Is President Hollande perhaps going to heed this blog

In what Inside Business descibes as an ironic cosmic joke, here, it has been reported that President Hollande's plane on his first day in charge of France, has been forced to turn back from its trip to Germany, just as the news of a new election in Greece broke and the euro began to tumble on currency markets.

Believe what you will, but perhaps the new President had second thoughts after considering the wisdom of my tweet of earlier today, as follows:

President Hollande could perhaps place a marker by cancelling his German trip and suggesting Merkel joins him in Paris for dinner ce soir!


Anonymous invest in bamboo said...

Merkel: "Hollande, gehst du nacht Berlin"

Hollande: "Javohl Frau Merkel, Freitag Frau Merkel"

Merkel: Nein, nein, kommen Sie jetzt."

Hollande: Javohl Frau Markel"

Merkel: "Raus, rau!, du bist ein dumkoph" -- queue Deutschland Uber Alles in the background...

10:31 PM  

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