Monday, May 14, 2012

The Constitution of Greece seems to put Britain's to shame!

Greece is in a mess but so is every other European nation state locked within the Eurozone and to an only slighty lesser extent those outside the euro but within the strait-jacket of the anti-democratic EU Treaties.

Consider the events of the last week since the Greek hung election results were first announced. The baton to try and form a working coalition has passed from the party with the largest vote, on to that with the second largest share and thereafter that coming in third in votes.

Each party leader had three days to try and cobble together a working majority, they did not need that amount of time and so the constitutional authority then reverted to the President of the country who became charged with the task of forming a government of national unity. This attempt seems likely to fail this morning, when a new election will be called with authority in the country then in the interim apparently resting with the judges of the supreme court.

What has happened in Greece, with an angry electorate turning against the two main parties that have feathered their own nest by handing national democracy and wealth to the EU and in turn tothe banks and multinational corporations who feather the nests of these cuckoos appointed to be in charge. All this now seems likely to be repeated right across the EU as the inevitable contagion of bankruptcy and poverty spreads.

How will Britain's own constitutional arrangements stand-up if the anger against the established main parties inevitably crosses the Channel? Looking at recent similar situations in our post-war past the answer would seem to be less than encouraging.

The almost minority government of Harold Wilson from 1964 to 66, weakened as it was by the Patrick Gordon-Walker fiasco was not made to appear in a more favourable light by Edward Heath's clinging to Downing Street in February 1974, (almost imitated by Gordon Brown in 2010,) and the manipulations of the minority government that followed under Wilson with another election in October 1974 and eventually the ill-fated Lab-Lib Pact under Jim Callaghan and David Steel.  All of that a somewhat chilling forerunner of the  distasteful mess we behold today in the basically opposing views contained within the expediency only Coalition Government.

(My warning of the dangers of continuing this farce, directed at Paddy Ashdown this past weekend, while ignored, did at least receive the courtesy of a reply to Orphans of Liberty, which may be read here.) So the Liberal Democrats as yet seem unready to confront their longstanding policy errors over the EU and thus avoid the electoral consequences about to be meted out to Britain's two main and Leveson-revealed thoroughly corrupted parties.

Well may we watch events unfold in Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and no doubt eventually Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and France with some detachment as we are outside the euro area, we may not do so, however, secure in any knowledge that our constitutional arrangements (nor either our economy) are anywhere like sufficiently resilient to see us through this now rapidly unfolding disaster!

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Blogger Robert said...

The present farce is made worse by a 'binding' agreement that the coalition is to last the full parliamentary term.

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