Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Santander Bank in Britain & BBC Radio 4 Today

This blogger has been fretting for years over the potential disaster likely to arise from the presence of Santander Bank in Britain. (One example is this from October 2008).

I was therefore interested to hear the nose-led wooden heads on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme finally begin to discuss the implications for the British High Street Bank in view of the ever worsening situation in Spain.

The report from Reuters just issued, that the shareholders of Bankia in Spain,  might be about to react to having been so blatantly conned for years is now even more cause for concern.

If Radio Four today programme presenters seem worried, then the banking crisis must indeed be nearing its end-point! Still put it on right at the end and concentrate on the Dalai Lama, eh what! - then none need notice!


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