Friday, May 18, 2012

My reply to John Redwood - Act on Cameron and the EU today!

Martin Cole
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There is a dilemma that arises from what you have written, particularly as it relates to Britain and its place within the EU. The section I refer to is the following statement:

It was the political class who drove them into the Euro, and the political class who told them it would work just fine. In another sense they are victims of their neighbours. If you vote for the vision of the Euro, you have to live with its many problems and imperfections, and do your bit to help offset them.

We in Britain were spared the Euro but driven in to the EU by our political class, grouped within the three main parties, which with our first past the post electoral system and refusal of meaningful recent referendum, made any alternative an impossibility.

Now even a supposed opponent of our EU membership, in the party supposedly containing most such insightful individuals, gives continued support to a completely EU subjugated executive, even when the fact of a Coalition has finally empowered such small group of rebels to force a re-appraisal at the very moment when the whole EU edifice is clearly collapsing.

What value may we thus place on your written blogged words, you are in Parliament, you have the mandated power, please, please do something, the entire world sees Cameron and Osborne for what they are, they must be neutered!



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