Friday, May 18, 2012

Irish already admit they will rerun 31st May Fiscal referendum in event of a "NO" vote

In the past the Irish have at least pretended up to the actual "NO" vote on EU matters that they might respect the people's choice. This time as delusion with the democratic farce the EU has become is accepted fact, Irish Minister Richard Bruton, has admitted on the radio that in the event of a "NO" vote, the government, as has become the norm across the EU, will simply put the question again. Read the Irish Times report, from here.

This is the tyrannical organisation, clearly on the brink of collapse, that Britain's three main parties refuse to contemplate leaving, let alone preparing alternative trade arrangements should be surprising, but of course it is merely taken as fact with a shrug of indifference. At least the Irish farmers are involved in a major push into China!

This blog has for so long been warning about Spain, for example, that I cannot but help be totally surprised by the reaction in the UK this morning to Moody's downgrade of 16 Spanish banks, plus the UK operations of Santander.

Pig ignorance amongst those who run and comment upon the crucial affairs of the UK is utterly astounding!


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