Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EU begins shooting up small boats at sea

The EU, already proven completely incapable of running anything at all, has now apparently decided to use what little authority it has left to begin shooting up small boats off the horn of Africa. Just the job a swaggering, bullying and failed organisation would relish. The actual nationality of the helicopter and forces used  is being kept secret as may be noted from this report in this morning's Telegraph:

Rear Admiral Duncan Potts, the British operation commander of the EU Naval Force. The attack involved troops from several of the European navies including seven frigates currently patrolling off Somalia, from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal. Officials said it was "a European mission" and would not specify from which warship the strike was launched. There are currently no Royal Navy vessels deployed with the joint force, known as Operation Atalanta, since HMS Westminster was deployed there last month.

Rear Admiral Potts, or the individual(s) in the MOD who issued the orders to him should reflect on the fate of Admiral Byng, read here.

Britain's taxpayers may consider it acceptable for Potts to command such an operation, but they do not equip a fleet of warships to ever be commanded by foreigners, which must now be a possibility given the precedent set here.

Indeed outside of NATO we have no mutual defence arrangements with the countries mentioned above and in view of the likely coming break-up of the eurozone and the likely consequences of reconciling the unimaginable financial losses of the ECB, we could be exchangingmore than verbal abuses at one another in the coming years if not months.

The greatest threat to Britain comes from the break-up of the EU, shooting up small attack boats, albeit with powerful outboards off Somalia, should be left to the Continentals, if that is how they wish to waste their ever diminishing resources!

Where is the Treaty that makes use of Britain's naval assets legal in such circumstances?


Anonymous Magnum said...

If you look on EURef. I think it's our own navy / airforce not the EU's even though it is billed as such!!

7:46 PM  

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