Monday, May 21, 2012

The Mutilation of Morality by Meetings.

The G8 leaders moved on from Camp David near Washington DC at the weekend to re-gather in Chicago as heads of NATO, with those from the EU re-convening in Brussels on Wednesday. Their lying and therefore meaningless manifestos and deceitful declarations cannot obscure the realities. On Afghanistan the NATO declaration avers that they will leave Afghanistan as one while all nevertheless accept that France will now precede them some two years ahead, merely one small example of their presently institutionalised duplicity!

The founding principles of NATO were the mutual self-defence of the founding principles of "WESTERN DEMOCRACY". Such founding principles were broken when NATO entered Afghanistan and continue to be trampled upon on every day the troops remain there.

The marching of high ranking uniformed representatives before the assembled mental pygmies and devious charlatans among the NATO leaders, who have jointly already degraded the aims of the organisation they are now in the process of destroying, with the bugle playing of compositions properly best reserved for solemn memorial occasions, merely makes the inevitable meaningless posturing, guaranteed to follow, ever more obscene.

The regular cycle of democracy that these countries once recently shared was formed as a result of the movement of the currents and maritime atmospheric pressure systems over the North Atlantic. The communities that then formed along the western seaboard of the North Atlantic, well before the invasions from the North and East by Belgae, Franks, Saxons, Suevi, Vikings etc., could allow the best of their societies to travel within the natural rythms of the ocean's cycles while leaving others at home, secure within the democratic cycles only their strongest leaders could enforce. No history books yet exist to confirm this as fact, (although continuing archaeology makes it ever more likely,) yet it is something I know within my blood and bones. Naturally it therefore predates the Romans making the professed objectives of the present EU ever more absurd and incomprehensible!

This democracy lay to the WEST of the majority of people in Europe, hence our shorthand use of the word for all that we hold dear and still seek to protect.

It is those principles of the West that are being betrayed in the never ending cycle of meetings of our supposed democratic representatives, discussing but never grasping the essentials of Europe's economic crisis, exemplified for the moment most clearly in Spain and brought about by the absence of any moral compass among those who profess to lead us.

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