Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Destroying the main parties who caused the Euro's collapse.

John Redwood MP discusses centre ground national political parties on his web site this morning. My comment to that post may be read on this blog, which also has a link to his post immediately below.

Allister Heath in his City AM editorial this morning, linked here, makes the point long advanced on this blog that the Euro failure was deliberately contrived in order to cement the EU member states into a tax and fiscal union.

This is a conspiracy mainly and jointly contrived by the two main alternating parties in each large member state of the European Union.

Ekathimerini, reports this morning, that new elections next month are now likely to be held in Greece, thus allowing the Greek voters an opportunity to complete the punishment of the two such culprits in Greece by killing off New Democracy and PASOK once and for all!

The rest of us in Europe's EU-decimated larger economies, must await our own chance. In Britain the Queen's speech, scheduled for later today, according to leaks, appears to contain all the elements for ending the Coalition Government, particularly given the shaming that seems in store for the country's incompetent and vapid Prime Minister, David Cameron,  by the Leveson inquiry, tomorrow and on Friday, when they have Coulson and Brookes to answer for their deeds!


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