Tuesday, April 24, 2012

EU shoppers now have the power to halt the hegemony!

The following is a summary of the deepening crisis in the EU taken from the editorial in City AM of this morning, linked here.


IT is all going very badly wrong in the Eurozone. First we had the French elections. Then the Dutch government collapsed yesterday, once again because of the fallout from the crisis. And then came the grim economic data, oodles and oodles of it: first quarter GDP shrank by 0.4 per cent in Spain – and that was the least of the EU’s worries. The Eurozone composite purchasing managers’ index, a good gauge of activity, slumped to 47.4 in April, down dramatically from March’s 49.1; a number below 50 means contraction. This collapse was felt for both services, which slumped to 47.9 from 49.2 and for manufacturing, down to 46.0 from 47.7. Even Germany is being engulfed in the implosion of the periphery nations: its overall PMI is down to 50.9, suggesting very little growth, with manufacturing in deeply negative territory at a 33-month low of 46.3.

Now the opportunity is here for every ordinary man and woman across the EU to send a warning shot across the bows of those who are both trying and succeeding in destroying the last remaining democratic rights and national parliamentary perogatives all across the EU!

In every area of daily life close inspection of the products we use will quickly prove the market dominance German companies have obtained through the ruthless crushing of our national sovereignties and democracies. Sacrifices are everywhere being imposed upon Europeans in the name of austerity. We can individually make sure that the sacrifices we make fall most heavily upon the perpetrators of this horrendous economic disaster!

Boycott products from companies of the countries that are destroying our democracies!

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