Monday, April 23, 2012

Anti EU vote prevails in French Presidential First Round Voting

The significant numbers with 98% of the vote counted and based on still changing figures from the French Ministry of the Interior, as published in Le Figaro, linked here, (excluding only French votes cast abroad) are to me as follows:

Specifically anti-EU votes (Le Pen 18.1+ Mélanchon 11.1) 29.2%
Hollande 28.6%
Sarkozy 27.1%
Abstentions 19.6%

In the two weeks between the first and second round votes the two contenders now face a crucial choice, upon which possibly hangs the future of the EU. This choice is whether to abandon the present concept of the EU, already under imminent threat of economically induced collapse, and restore France to independent democratic sovereignty during the term of office they will then have become almost certain to win, or to continue to muddle along under German control!

If neither Hollande nor Sarkozy grab such an opportunity, then it now appears certain that the EU will suffer a long drawn out death over the next few years, guaranteeing that François Hollande will also be a one term President, exactly like his immediate predecessor.

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