Monday, April 23, 2012

Voters of France and Holland AGAIN potentially now control the future of the EU!

The past weekend with the French rejection of the two leading Presidential candidates, see the posting immediately beneath this, and the collapse of consensus in the Netherlands, see Reuters here, now have the opportunity to demand the scrapping of the EU which they first clearly indicated they desired in the referendums in their countries on the EU Reform Treaty in May and June 2005.

In the interim, contrary to their democratically demonstrated demands,  their greed-ridden, self-serving politicians have continued to mindlessly feed the ever-growing corrupt bueaucratic monstrosity that the EU had by then already become, such that by today it takes its present form which quite obviously clearly  threatens the well-being and prosperity of every man woman and child within its 27 member states.

Voters in Holland and France must now leave no doubt of their desire to ensure that the E.U., as presently contrived and constructed by use of the deliberate EMU conspiracy, can continue to exist to stifle democracy and individual freedoms no longer!


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