Monday, April 23, 2012

Czech Republic Government on verge of collapse - Klaus in London

Another Coalition Government within the EU faced collapse over the past weekend, as well as the more publicised problems of Holland, the Czech Republic similarly faces early elections as the Prime Minister, Petr Necas, announced last evening that the governing centre right coalition was dissolving itself, read here.

Strangely enough, earlier in the weekend, the Bruges Group had announced that Czech President Vaclev Klaus, would be in London on 3rd May, (as disastrous local election results for the UK Coalition will be being announced,)  to explain his views as the sole sane leader of any nation amongst the 27 former nations now mere EU member states. An example of his sound sense may be seen in these quotes, used by the Bruges Group, in promoting his visit:

President Klaus argues that, ‘In contrast to Marx, supporters of global governance do not believe that salvation will arise via the proletariat: they humbly suggest that it will come from themselves.

‘The manifestations of transnational progressivism—global governance and the European Union—are supplanting liberal democracy and nation-states and driving us into the stage of post-democracy. The EU wants to replace the project that is malfunctioning today by even bigger doses of the same. That is entirely absurd.’
We must sincerely hope that the political crisis in the Czech Republic does not prevent President Klaus from making this important speech.


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