Thursday, January 26, 2012

Two's company, Troika's a crowd.

Knowing the power of money to cause conflict the widespread reports yesterday that the EU/ECB/IMF Troika were in open dispute over who owes and must pay what, came as no surprise. The Irish Times, who let's face it has more than a little interest in this matter, reports on the difficulties from here. (Also visit their front page for an amusing photo on piggy bankers!)

The next phase of the breakdown will be amongst the shareholders of the ECB over exactly which former nation states must meet the costs of all the worthless pieces of paper and meaningless promissory notes and commitments the ECB has accepted in its hopeless attempt to save the doomed Euro.

As this blog has warned again and again for what has now become years, that is when the EU will split apart, that is when the recriminations could get very nasty and that is where Europe's present national leaders are leading us, such is the depth and grave nature of the real problem which they should address on Monday, if not before.

The question of the Euro currency and EMU has already become an irrelevance through neglect!

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