Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ECHR - A malignant tumour that must be cut out.

PM Cameron travelling to Strasbourg today to hector the ECHR Judges and officials will achieve nothing. A terminal illness has the Western part of the Continent of Europe in its grip, evidence of the disgusting nature of the sickness can be seen in the work of the ECHR, but more significantly every moment of every day in the activities of all the institutions of the European Union.

Like a terminal cancer tumour in the brain or other essential organ of the human body, removal is the only possibility for the patient's survival. Britain must remove itself from the sick organs of the potential corpse. If we go, others may see the light and follow, but that is for them.The warped and flawed thinking evidenced by the Judges of the ECHR is pandemic throughout Europe's common institutions. It cannot be changed by argument or reason, we have tried that, only by an example being set where the folly can thereafter be clearly seen.

We will not solve Britain's problems as one of twenty-seven within the EU, nor one of twenty within the G20, nor one of 193 within the UN. Removing ourselves from the Council of Europe and from the scope of the ECHR will disqualify us from continuing within the EU, a highly desirable aim.

Our Ministers, whom the country can presently ill afford to remain essentially idle or pointlessly attending expensive international talking shops, should be concentrating on the task at hand, curing Britain's ills.

David Cameron's trip to Strasbourg today is a perfect illustration of the utter pointlessness of his present activities.

Updat 1000 GMT 25/1/12 For once a vaguely sensible BBC report on the same topic.

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