Tuesday, January 24, 2012

FTT - The Tax that could free Britain from the EU

Barmy Barnier did nothing yesterday to convince the City of London that he is not both slightly loopy, out of control and almost certainly their and the nation's present major threat. Good

The likes of Clegg and Cameron need the incentive of an opinionated and out of control French Commissioner to perhaps wake them from their stupor and recognise the true nature of the dreadful threat their country faces from the EU. Maggie only woke up when confronted by Delors,can Barnier perform a similar service now?

On the financial transaction tax itself, EurActiv has a report on how it is today being pushed at the top of the EU, where any potential source of new funds are desperately required, linked here. A more impartial view with questions and answers on the possible working of the tax is in Al Arabiyah, linked here.



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