Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If Scotland and England cannot stay together, what hope for the EU?

Some news reports on the coming bid for independence by the Scots are Reuters here and the BBC from here.

As an Englishman I view what we have done for the Scots as a neighbourly act of charity over a long period of time. It was essentially a union of the two crowns, cemented to aid the Scots who had virtually bankrupted themselves through stupidity, an earlier version of the more recent stupidity of the Bank of Scotland and RBS.

Having said that, Britain has gained some benefit from the arrangement but has suffered long periods of appalling Labour Government as a result, which probably would not have been the case had we remained as England and Wales.

The EU is the main complicating factor, as in all things for Britain in this 21st century. We entered the EU as Britain and before any referendum we should first leave as such. What arrangements we make thereafter regarding the EU should be decided by our islands resultant constituent nations, England should, however, first make it absolutely clear that it will remain outside the EU and will not tolerate, under any circumstances, a land border with that non-democratic entity!



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