Saturday, January 28, 2012

Surely Budget Commissioners are a giant step too far for Sovereign States

The following is from an article in the Daily Telegraph this morning:

It was also being reported last night that the German government wants Greece to hand over control of tax and spending decisions to a 'budget commissioner' appointed by the rest of the eurozone, before the country gets its second bail-out.

The budget commissioner would have to power to veto decisions made by the Greek government, according to a proposal seen by the Financial Times, marking a significant step-up in the EU's powers over the sovereign governments of member states.

The leaders of Britain and other countries wishing to remain democracies, where there citizens can retain the powers to change their rulers, should ACT NOW to prevent this evil developing in the heart of the European Continent!

Update 0945 GMT - More on this from Ben Chu in The Independent linked here.



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