Thursday, January 26, 2012

Merkel removes the mask and reaches for a new Reich

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, in an interview with six of Europe's newspapers, has revealed her plans to unite Europe under Germany's leadership. How can this be considered anything other than a bid to re-install a new Reich, or even modern day Holy Roman Empire, I do not know!

The report on the interview may be read from EurActiv's article, linked here, from which come the following exact quotes:

"My vision is political union, because Europe has to follow its own path. We need to get closer step by step, in all policy areas," Merkel said.
The chancellor's European vision was made public ahead of an summit on Monday where EU leaders are expected to finalise a new treaty aimed at tightening fiscal discipline and deepening economic integration in the eurozone.
Without mentioning federalism, Merkel described a new architecture for Europe where EU institutions have the last word over member states, placing her on a collision course with British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has vetoed attempts to transfer more power to Brussels.
"In the course a long process, we will transfer more powers to the Commission, which will then work as a European government for European competencies," Merkel said.

The reaction from France, where sitting President Sarkozy faces a re-election test in mere months, and has pitched his call to the electorate as based on a merger with Germany, should be most interesting.

I will try to record on this blog the manner in which this proposal is reported by the various newspapers as and when it is possible to do so.

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