Friday, January 27, 2012

The EU - destroying democracy on funding from the USA and IMF

The following came in a speech from John Redwood MP in the same Parliament where onceWestern Europe's last bastion of democracy was based. Today that same democracy is under threat from the EU whilst being financed from the IMF and the USA:

"This is not only an economic crisis, this is not only a banking crisis, this is not only a currency crisis, but it is also now a crisis of democracy ... We see in some of these countries now that the electorates do not choose the Government; the European Union’s senior players choose the Government. We see in some of these countries that the electorate change the Government but they do not change the policy. The new Government have to pledge to follow exactly the same policy, which does not work, in order to get elected and to be acceptable to the European Union, in order to carry on drawing down the subsidies and loans from within the European Union that have to be on offer to try to make the system operate to some extent."

Link to report of debate.

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