Friday, January 13, 2012

The EU reality in Greece - Suicides jump by 22%

The EU is destroying, quite deliberately, one of its member states. It has already crushed its democracy, the inspiring source for all such on our Continent, without apparent thought nor with a single regret.

Other facts of daily life in Greece, soon to be experienced, no doubt, in other former member states of the EU, detailed in this report, over and above the shameful leap in the number of suicides by 22% are:

Unemployment rising to 18.2%.

RTL, the largest radio network in Europe, lost 50% of its advertising revenues in Greece since the start of the crisis—and has decided to leave.

And now pharmacies are having difficulties obtaining medications.

Greece was the default Merkel and Sarkozy solemnly promised they would would not allow!

Greece is a minor problem compared with Spain and Italy, now at the stage where Greece arrived over two years ago.

Ireland is in danger of losing its new coalition government because of the austerity according to the Irish Times of this morning, read here.

Portugal has been driven to sell a large hunk of its electricity supply industry to the Chinese, as I posted here.

Can this really continue, if so for how much longer can it do so and be ignored by the British Parliament, whose business for next week, in the face of this appalling crisis, is a complete wasteland of nothingness?

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