Thursday, January 12, 2012

Coalition crippled by Clegg

 Not content with undermining the Government's international treaty policy with his treacherous meeting of eu-federalists in Admiralty House on Monday, Nick Clegg either incited, or failed to prevent his peers in the House of Lords from inflicting defeat on three clearly agreed items of Coalition Government policy, read here.

Clegg's agreed position on the Fiscal Compact with his european co-conspirators of Monday, turned up in the Preamble of the latest draft of the increasingly grotesque treaty, upon which I blogged at length last evening and will here merely repeat th particularly offensive lie:

BEARING IN MIND that the objective of the Heads of State or Government of the euro area Member States and of other Member States of the European Union is to incorporate the provisions of this Agreement as soon as possible into the Treaties on which the European Union is founded.

The Coalition is such in name, ministerial posts, perks and cars only. There is zero common ground on any of the crucial problems today facing the country. David Cameron should tender his resignation to the Queen, pledge to re-negotiate our treaties with the EU and put his recommended solution first to the people of Britain in a General Election, and thereafter to a referendum regarding our future  relationship with the EU.

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