Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mario Monti accepts Europeans no longer want the EU!

AGI reports an interview given by the EU nominated Prime Minister of Italy to the German daily newspaper Die Welt, with the following quote:

"My policy cannot be successful if the EU policy does not change...if that does not happen, a country that has always very Europeist might join the populist ranks".

The elites who run the EU, of which Monti is a prime example, have an instinctive loathing of what they phrase as "populism", by which they generally mean 'public opinion'  It is EU speak, or code for "common" and thus worthy of zero consideration. Populism is something to be abhorred, consigned to the trash, along with representative democracy and checks and balances against corruption in administration. It is anything, in other words, that gets in the way of the technocrats (as they have taken to calling themselves in Italy, with no justification whatsoever,) accruing more power and unearned wealth to themselves, an EU priority where condemning whole populations into poverty has today become acceptable in feeding their obscene lust for power.



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