Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Crippling your competitors with excess costs.

Energy and transport cost competitiveness is vital for industrialised countries wishing to compete in manufacturing. Britain and France are being crippled in this field by an EU controlled from Germany.

The following quote is from "Let them eat Carbon" by Matthew Sinclair, published by Biteback Publishing Ltd., London, in 2011, ISBN 978-1-84954-116-9:

From the book's introduction:

Curbing spending to address a fiscal crisis will be a lot harder with climate change policies pushing up prices. Both attempts to reduce emissions and spending cuts will put pressure on household budgets and the combined effect may be simply intolerable.

So much is being staked on the current set of failing policies; we need to ensure politicians reconsider before they up the ante yet again. Investors need to realise that any business built on government policies that impoverish ordinary people will never be secure and sustainable. The danger to our prosperity and freedom, to the competitive and free markets that have produced unparralelled gains in our standard of living, and to our nation's place in the world is just too great.

Now watch this video, where Volker Becker, the German head of one of our main electricity producing companies, promotes offshore wind power generation while admitting it is three times more expensive than alternatives, and not being considered in his "home country":

Next please consider this video, posted by the Washington Post, this morning about France tendering for the construction of five offshore wind farms. France is also now almost fully under German economic control exercised through the EU, although unlike Britain it has yet to cede control of its elctricuty generating and distribution industry.

Link for better viewing.

France, like Britain is presently engaged in the hugely expensive creation of high speed rail links across their country for minimal reductions in journey times and for zero productive returns.

HS2 and offshore wind farms are both projects that will financially cripple Britain for zero economic gain. We must demand that Parliament rejects them both, together with a refusal to grant further funds for the IMF to use to keep the anti-democratic EU project operating!

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