Monday, January 23, 2012

Barmy Barnier in Britain today.

EU Commissioner Barnier, upon whom this blog has been posting for some considerable time, initially refused to communicate in English in his new post, read here; subsequently called for population progroms across the EU, then set to his main task of destroying the City of London, presumably not solely for the pure pleasure of doing down the English and revenge for what many French see as centuries of injustices from our islands, but for the commercial benefit of France.

Thereafter he called for World Governance at Humboldt University, read his speech and my critique from here, and so on and so on.

Today he comes to London again, the creepy crawling EU fanatical Financial Times considers his visit from here, apparently joining the call for Britain to play the "euopean game" and accept self destruction just because Barnier has demanded it.

The Indian edition of the Wall Street Journal, appears to have recognised the deluded rantings of this extremely dangerous man, when he asserts that the steps taken by the EU over the euro crisis will somehow, almost magically, resolve matters. Read that from here.



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