Saturday, January 21, 2012

4th Draft Non-EU Treaty continues with the same Preamble Lie!

The lie in the Treaty Preamble timed at 1600  on 19-1- 2012 (4th draft of the Fiscal Compact) needs to be legally challenged by Britain as it has been carried forward from the third draft. The draft provided by EurActiv, is linked here, the offending untrue statement of fact is as follows:

BEARING IN MIND that the Heads of State or Governments of the Euro Area Member States and of other Member States of the European Union is to incorporate the provisions of this Treaty as soon as possible into the Treaties on which the European Union is founded,

To make this statement factually accurate, (which should surely be the aim if it is not shortly to be totally disregarded as was its forerunner the Growth and Stability Pact, by its same two driving founding members, France and Germany,) the word either  "several" or "various" should be included between the word "of" and the word "other" in the statement of intent.

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