Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Has IMF lost $100 billion from Congress?

Careful readers may have noted in my earlier posting about the IMF this afternoon, the first paragraph of my quote from Bloomberg referred to $500 Billion while the second paragraph and the postings headline mentioned $600 Billion.

Researching the discrepancy I came across this report of yesterday in the Daily Caller, linked here "As the Eurozone takes a turn for the worse and chatter heats up about more European Union and IMF bailouts across the continent, Republicans in Congress are pushing to rescind the $100 billion set-aside."

A report, linked here, in the Irish Echo, also has interesting detail on Tim Geitner and the first Irish bail out with the risk of default or potential non-repayment of an IMF advance having been considered a possibility worthy of discussion.

Steve Liesman has been tweeting on the same topic from CNBC as may be seen from here.

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