Tuesday, January 17, 2012

English Democrats call for simultaneous referendum with Scots

The press release, impossible to ignore, is as follows:

UK break-up? - England Must be heard!
The English Democrats support the democratic right of the Scottish Parliament to hold a referendum on the question of Scottish Independence. The timing of this ballot, and the questions to be asked, are matters for the people of Scotland. If, however, there is a 'Yes' vote, then only properly constituted National Governments, and Parliaments, of the former UK's constituent nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will have the democratic and national legitimacy to negotiate any new constitutional  arrangements, after such an historic decision to break up the UK.  
Therefore, in preparation for this momentous Scottish vote, the English Democrats now formally call upon the United Kingdom's Government to hold a referendum in England, within the same timescale of that in Scotland. This referendum should ask the people of England whether they either:-
a) Want to have their own Parliament and Government with the same powers as exist in Scotland currently or would do so if a form of devolution ‘max’ were established there; or
b) Wish to remain part of a political Union with the people of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
In the event of a break up of the UK, the English Democrats insist on the right of the Sovereign People of England to be consulted on any treaties, through a referendum, on whether, or not, we are prepared to accept them. If not, then they will have to be renegotiated.
Robin Tilbrook, the Chairman of the English Democrats said:-  "We demand the same rights for the Sovereign People of England as for the Peoples of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Only with an English Parliament and Government can the interests of the People of England be protected in any future negotiations regarding either the break-up of the United Kingdom or the creation of any new constitutional arrangements within the British Isles.
Robin Tilbrook,



Blogger WitteringsfromWitney said...

And what a Pandora's Box the politicians have opened now!

Of course with Direct Democracy this would be a non-demand!

Why do people wish to continue with a form of democracy which is not in their interests?

*Shakes head in amazement*

6:23 PM  

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