Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EU legal action against Hungary demonstrates the neutering of its nation states.

The Hungarian uprising against communist oppression was one of my earliest recognitions of the nature of the world in which I lived. In 1956, I was just starting my second year at grammar school and becoming politically aware, as the soviet tanks stormed into Budapest to suppress any signs of national self-determination by the Hungarians. The teaching staff were thus pelted with angry questions at morning assembly over Britain's inaction, which sat uncomfortably with all else we were then being taught.

Now we are ruled by the EU and almost every aspect of our national life is determined by foreigners, just as for Hungary in 1956, the main difference being that the steel fist is still within a velvet glove and that our population is so far unaware of these  facts while our leaders make no protest for they are within the pay of the usurpers.

Yet the casual manner in which the EU announces its legal action against a new Hungarian elected government, which holds more than two thirds of the seats in its own parliament and is thus constitutionally empowered to make what changes it chooses to its own constitution, seems to pass without note nor adverse comment, all across a once free and democratic bloc of 26 other once independent states.

Read the Wall Street Journal report from here, that in EU Observer here.



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