Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ireland relegated to status of "Concentration Camp" & Fisheries scandal!

A columnist, James Fitzsimons, in the Irish Independent this morning, linked here, describes his oppressed country as follows:

Bowing to the superiority of its EU paymasters, Ireland has been relegated to the status of little more than a concentration camp. Oblivious to the injustice of its actions, it doles out whatever punishment its taskmasters demand for our society.

A grim warning indeed for all those who will have us continue to remain within the doomed EU.

What is written about the destruction of fisheries applies equally to Britain as it does to Ireland, a sample is here:

cannot land anything they catch. Instead they must dump their catch back into the sea, where it dies. What a waste. Dumping the catch is not the only control and it is certainly not the best one. It is something that was thought up by overpaid bureaucrats who are too far removed from our financial problems to see the stupidity of this.

Scientists may support this initiative, but that doesn't make it right. If our fishermen could sell the cod that entered their nets, they could pay tax and we would all be better off.

The entire value of illegal foreign catches should be given to the Irish State. We could use it to reduce our national debt.

Even if fishermen cannot be allowed to profit from the sale of cod, the proceeds from the catch should go to the State and our fishermen should be compensated for their costs. That would be better than what is happening now. It is criminal to destroy these valuable resources to pander to the whims of incompetent Eurocrats.

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