Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clegg, Treason and Xenophobia

The leader of the Liberal Democrat party and Deputy Prime Minister is reported in an interview in The Guardian, linked here, as follows:

 He (Clegg) says it is significant that the EU council has granted the UK observer status at the meetings of the new group. Equally, he is firm that Britain will not block or legally challenge the 26-strong group from using institutions such as the commission and the European court of justice. "We have made some very big steps in the last few days. If you get behind the headlines of the big domestic argy-bargy in Britain, we have signalled we are happy for them to use EU institutions.

The article was datelined Friday 16th December and timed at 18:33 GMT.  This may be significant in any enquiry set up to establish whether this known EU sympathiser has exceeded either his authority or legality, should he be found to be the individual who made such an ill-judged and legally impossible assertion.

Clegg has also named Nigel Farage and Alex Salmond in a wide-ranging attack against xenophobia (the hatred or fear of foreigners) during this weekend. I feel certain the leader of UKIP and the Scottish Nationalist parties need no help from this blog in defending their policies. Clegg, in his attack on all Eu-realists, should be made aware that sensible diplomacy involves the protection of one's country's interests against the designs of foreigners whose objectives are often the opposite. Selling out your own nation's interests for the main benefit of foreigners, is on the other hand, treason.

Eurosceptics weary of the intentions of foreigners, whose fears are now proved to have been entirely correct in recent days, would be quite correct in demanding the Deputy Prime Minister retracts for the clearly false slur against their intent and motivation!.

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Blogger Admiral J Sparrow said...

Farage was correct about the PM after the 9th Dec EU summit as most of us realists suspected. Duggi Carswell blogged about this yesterday. Iam not going to tune into Sky news to listen to any more of Clegg this morning.

9:50 AM  

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