Friday, December 16, 2011

Italy's purchased politicians pass placeman Monti's EU package

EU appointed Italian Premier Monti, ex-EU Commissioner, easily won the confidence vote of the EU purchased parliamentarians in the Italian lower parliamentary house, anxious no doubt, to ensure they would not quickly fall victim themselves, to the kind of penury they were so keen to pass into law at the behest of the EU appointed Monti and his cabinet of so-called technocrats.

Yesterday I posted an image from nine years ago of an exchange about the threat to democracy from the EU with quotes from Sir Winston Churchill. Co-incidentally, nine years ago today, ie 16th December 2002, I had posted about the dangers of the EU controlling police and armed forces, and suggested a scenario that could in the future be played out on the streets of a Northern Italian idustrial city. I will post the entire image at the foot of this posting, but quote here that particular paragraph as it is so strangely apt today:

"Can he not foresee a situation where unrest caused by a severe economic crisis, bringing protesters on to the streets of say some North Italian industrial city, gets so out of hand, that the local police and carabinieri and maybe even the the Italian army (possibly because of feelings of sympathy with the protesters) are unable  to restore order, that it might not be contrived that the then Italian prime minister might feel compelled to call for help from the ERRF ie Frans wonderful EU police force. Especially as the policies causing the unrest would have been drawn up and enacted by Brussels, possibly even, without Italian consent...."

(Emphasis added to the last sentence by Ironies Too blog editor 16/12/11)

Who would or could have guessed, only nine years ago that Italy and Greece would today have EU appointed prime ministers, both former high-ranking eurocrats, with their countries' economies almost entirely destroyed by their own EU policies? Here is my full postinng from the Financial Times Forum of only nine years ago today!

The picture I drew for Italy at some distant future point, now looks positively benign compared to the stark reality. Never forget that all this accords with the longstanding EU project masterplan - consolidation of centralised power through crises!

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