Friday, December 16, 2011

EU Danish Presidency 2012

The web page for the Danish Presidency is now active, linked here.

Unhappily, in the press conference, live here, the further greening of the EU was mentioned as one of the main areas for activity.

The press questions are underway, I will update here later if surprisingly anything of the remotest concern to EU citizens arises!

One question was on the lack of openness in EU proceedings and democracy in general. The very young Dane, (Update - apparently one Nicolai Wammen Danish Europe Minister) who apparently will chair many of the meetings, talked of "Trust" in his response stated citizens were not concerned about procedures but only the results. Arrogance triumphant and shamelessly flaunted!

"Will Denmark have a referendum on the Fiscal Compact?" was another interesting question put. The reply was that the 9th December agreement? will be handled by Von Rompuy not the Danish Presidency and Denmark itself has not decided and will not until it sees the whole package. At least he seemed aware thatDenmark holds a Euro opt-out, which he specifically mentioned which was mildly encouraging!

At 1212 CET  the participants adjourned to a buffet, no austerity there then!



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