Friday, December 16, 2011

EurActiv confronts the prospect of an Irish referendum on euro's continuation.

The article follows a press conference in Paris held by the Irih Minister for European Affairs, Lucinda Creighton, linked here.

Reading between the lines and combined with other background on Ireland which I linked twice from this blog yesterday it seems clear that Ireland will not be signing up for the fiscal compact, non-EU Treaty. Discounting France and Germany, I would put Britain, Czech Republic, Hungary and Ireland in the non-signatory side, with Denmark, Finland and Sweden as doubtfuls. So the Euro countries joining France and Germany presently stands at 13 (including Greece, if it can still be considered a nation by signaing day, read here,) while the non-euro countries will probably fall to zero.

Island nations generally, will be unlikely to be able to contemplate the complete handing of their sovereignty to continental powers, so Malta and Cyprus will surely soon fall away, thus it is possible to imagine that the balance of numbers will soon appear very different from the EU flaunted 26 versus 1!



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