Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twenty-one years ago this morning the EU Tory Traitors ousted Thatcher

Yesterday in the comment threads of the Spectator Magazine I saw growing evidence that the full depths of the dreadful treachery in the Conservative Party, started by Edward Heath in his European Communities Act of 40 years ago, then continued by Howe, Heseltine, Clarke and Major 21 years ago this very morning, was beginning to be more widely understood across Britain.

The full implications are clearly nowhere yet sufficiently seen. I once again urge readers of this blog to re-view the interview John Major, the main beneficiary of the treachery perpetrated twenty-one years ago today, gave to David Frost over last weekend, and the utter hopelessness and despair his views offer Britain, purely to justify his and his co-plotters, earlier grave and treasonous errors!

(Note particularly with Major, a point not often enough made, that his errors did not end with Maastricht as he also planned to sign up to the Amsterdam EU Treaty, actually offering to accompany Blair after his election defeat, to effect the ridiculous plan he believed he had concocted to thwart the EU Federalists' devious plots!)

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