Monday, November 21, 2011

The EU where an extra $175 Billion equals Austerity

The new budget for the crisis strapped Continent which is bestrided by the profligate EU, was agreed on Saturday for next year, read here. The fat, corrupt, wine swilling, expenses-wasting bunch of useless bureaucrats will next year spend €129 billion more even than last year, but in the words of the Budget Commissar - still be faced with austerity, as quoted from here:

"I am pleased that the Council and the European Parliament have reached an agreement on the 2012 EU budget this Saturday morning. The increase in payments on 2011 is 1.85%, amounting to €129 billion. This is clearly an austerity budget as most Member States are in the midst of a serious financial crisis."

No EU = No Budget = No EU Commissioners = No EU Costs = No EU Crisis

If 1.85% is 129 Billion the total budget must be nearly €7 trillion, therefore savings in US Dollars must be potentially close to $10 trillion, not peanuts!



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