Monday, November 21, 2011

The demented EU delusions of Ex- Prime Minister John Major!

If you have yet to view the interview between David Frost and John Major on Al Jazeera, then I urge you to do so as it reveals some really disturbing misapprehensions on the part of a man still said to have the ear of the present British Prime Minister, David Cameron, plus perhaps some others within the present British Conservative Party. The broadcast is again linked here.

Most of the interview is given over to what is a reasonably fair description of the Eurozone crisis. What is not addressed is why the Major administration exposed Britain to this well foreseen danger, by signing the Maastricht Treaty under Major's Premiership, nor why it can now ever be expected that the EU could ever be a "good" thing if it survives this crisis, which Major describes as the optimistic scenario, perhaps according to Major, attainable after ten more years of misery, in pursuit of maintaining an exaggerated EU proportion of present trading ratio, while presumably we continue to ignore the Commonwealth and the rest of the world.

There is so much that is intellectually unsound in the measured words and tones of Major, that it should be a major priority of the Research Department of the Conservative Party, (if such still exists,) to nail each half-truth and utter lie so that some sensible strategy for the nation over the disastrous EU could at last be put forward for possible cross-party agreement.

The depth of the crisis described by John Major, at the very least deserves that!

Failing that one of our three main parties must surely now adopt as its main policy the urgent necessity for Britain's entire EU withdrawal!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might like to consider this

This is more Cameron spin from Brogan.He will be saying that Dave is a Eurosceptic next.

Didn't we have an opt out from the working time directive under Maastricht? Has Dave got a watered down version of what we had (before they took it away)?

Selling birthright for a mess of potage springs to mind. He also sold us out on a referendum on Treaty changes when we visited Merkel.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our leaders know that most of the UK and many others countries (a 60% cross the board average)want to leave the Eurozone but they are all ignoring us, all three Parties have failed to keep in line with their voters wishes, they dont care what we want or how we wish to be Governed, they have made that very clear.
This issue isn't and shouldn't be played like the false Left/Right game they try to make us watch and cheer on like two opposing Football teams. They share to many Principles for that nonsense.
It is a simple matter of National sovereignty, one that I dont wish to see handed to an uudemocratic clique who vote eachother into seats of power with 'secret ballots'.

2:52 PM  
Blogger Martin said...

Events within the EU itself now seem likely to force our own governments hand. Drifting as they have been will shortly no longer be an option IMO

5:23 PM  

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