Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's end this European nightmare after forty long years!

Even the BBC Today programme, this morning, finally acknowledges the huge potential for growth and prosperity represented by the BRICs. Indeed in an interview just after 7:40 am, this morning, listen here, the similar potential of eleven other rapidly developing economies was actually given some air time by a non-EU fanatical economist. These latter countries are apparently to become known as Civets!

All down history Britain has suffered and declined when entangled and confounded by the squabbles on the Continent of Europe. Today is no different!

The main article in the Daily Telegraph this morning reports the Prime Minister bemoaning his Governmen's failure to tackle the deficit. A deficit incurred while following a course set by Europe, purely and solely, of course, for the benefit of mainland Europe.

Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major, last weekend, moaned to David Frost at the ten years of zero or negative growth (see also here) to come in the EU, and apparently saw that as an inevitable outcome for Britain, that Europe, in his own opinion, was now practically certain now about to force us to endure, yet the clearly apparently stupid man could nevertheless only plot a path for continuing Britain's ties to this death inducing relic, which determinedly will only embrace policies severally proven as certain failures, over and over again, in the past.

Recently in Western Australia, the rapidly growing Commonwealth of Nations met and worried at the opportunites and prospects brought on by their own growing populations together with their own economies and those of their neighbours. How much time has David Cameron and his team devoted to those opportunities as compared to the mucky mire of the EU since his return to the Northern Hemisphere?

We must break free from the EU! The extra expenditure of €129 billion next year, approved at the weekend, was a complete slap in the face for the people of Britain! After 40 years we have had enough of this kind of treatment!

Read more on the EU Budget from Mary Ellen Synon, linked here.

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