Friday, November 18, 2011

PM Cameron to attend Berlin Chancellery today!

The headline of the Irish Times this morning, linked here, makes perfectly clear the consequences of subjugating your economy and democracy to Germany. A sensitive document detailing new tax rates from the Irish budget, has been leaked in Berlin, where, of course it first required approval.

Great Britain's Prime Minister 'Vapid Cameron' has been called to Berlin today to receive his latest instructions on how to further bankrupt Britain in pursuit of ever greater and deeper European unity. According to Bruno Waterfield in the Daily Telegraph, linked here, these orders will include secret plans, prepared by the Germans, involving EU Treaty amendments without requiring a British referendum, as if Cameron had ever intended doing anything to the contrary in any event!

Another view of German thinking on the British problem, always an annoyance for pan-European putative dictatorships, may be read in an article in Der Spiegel, linked here, this concludes that Chancellor Merkel needs Cameron to push through her plans for German hegemony - all the more reason for all Britons to bend their efforts to ridding our country of the leadership of this thoroughly odious and totally devious man!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not sure if the Irish government are embarrassed by the leaking of the document, or by the content. It is an open secret that all European countries are now required to present their budgets to the EU. Perhaps the Irish prime minister gave Merkel a copy when he met her this week in Berlin. She is after all co-ordinating Euro policy on further EU integration or should that be controlling?
Mrs Kinnock was also visiting in the form of the Danish prime minister. Merkel is desperate to get treaty changes that will not trigger a referendum in either Ireland or Denmark as both these countries have form.

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