Thursday, November 17, 2011

Google castrating its own search engine!

Blogger and blogspot have been brilliant, I have used them for years. Since Google acquired blogger the archives of my blogs have all been castrated and are not fully avalailable using the Google search facility - either from the blog or elsewhere.

When Mario Monti was recently appointed the new PM of Italy, I wished to link some posts I made in March 2004 on my blog Ironies regarding the woeful record of this man, only one of which appeared from a google search.

My blogs, written, almost daily, over eight years were partly intended to record the causes of the fiasco the EU and the euro were always bound to end up by being. It is unfortunate that Google, in preventing quick and easy access to readers and historians to the multitude of mistakes and wrong decisions which have littered the road towards the present disaster, seems now to be working in contravention of its original main corporate aims.

Another problem with Blogger, is that there is no way to communicate with their organisation. I therefore have blogged this complaint and sent the concluding paragraph of this posting, to their unhelpful help forum, which seems normally and mostly ignored.

I appreciate that storage of huge quantities of digital records is an energy consuming and expensive business. Surely somebody within Google should at least be willing to enter into an exchange as to how such crucial records, relating as they do to the destruction of 27 former European democracies, could be made more readily available?

"In view of the collapse of democracy in the EU, I wish to link posts on Mario Monti from Ironies in March 2004 to my new blog Ironies Too now. By making such linking impossible, due to volume restrictions on archived materials, can Google not appreciate that you are neutering your own search engine which was supposedly the raison d'ĂȘtre of Google?"

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