Monday, October 24, 2011

Von Rompuy to Govern the Non-Euro, EU Members

The summary from EurActiv of yesterday's meeting, makes clear that the EU as originall envisaged for what has become 27 member states, is now at an end. In future it will be 17 euro members, and ten othere, see this link, from which I quote:

Part of this deal granted European Council President Herman Van Rompuy a key role in mediating between the eurozone and non-eurozone member states.

The conclusions stipulate that presidents of the eurozone countries must always be appointed at the same time and for the same terms as Presidents of the European Council. Pending the next such election, the Council said Van Rompuy should perform this role, "keeping non Eurozone member states closely informed" of Eurozone summit preparations.

Van Rompuy was also charged with 'exploring the possibilities' of treaty change.

The provisions were part of a compromise to satisfy David Cameron and other non-eurozone member countries that they would not be ostracised by any further hardening of the eurozone that results from treaty change.

Council officials briefed EurActiv, however, that the deal also substantially bolstered the position of the Council and of Van Rompuy, effectively placing him in the key role of mediator between the two EU member state groupings, and charging him with the crucial role of pathfinding the treaty change.

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