Friday, October 21, 2011

The Weekend Dawns - Two days for your MP to grasp the basic EU truths!

MPs in Westminster, do not really work on Fridays!

MPs in Westminster hardly work at all, on any day of the year!

MPs at Westminster have handed most of their responsibilities for their constituents, to the European Union, they pretend they are responsible, but in truth thay have given away almost all of that which you voted to them.

In the main - Westminster MPs are low-life filth!

This weekend, we have two days, before the Commons vote on Monday, to let each of our MPs, learn personally, that if they again vote to deprive the people of Britain of a say regarding our Country's role in the collapsing EU, yet again, WE WILL NEVER! EVER VOTE FOR THEM AGAIN!

If they believe that fact is true, it matters not what their party whips may require - read here. MPs are scared, because they know the full facts of what they have done!

TALK TO YOUR MP! This weekend! - Phone and phone again until you do, email them, text them, let them know we want a say in our own affairs once more!

MPs are afraid, that fact is now our only card to play for regaining our democracy!



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