Thursday, October 20, 2011

Von Rompuy's role model for EU; Gaddafi reported dead!

Over many decades of my life, the evil spectre of Colonel Gaddafi has hovered in the background, casting a pall of corruption over the Mediterranean Sea and up across Europe, even sometime reaching the inner depths of Downing Street.

At lunchtime today Gadaffi was reported captured in Sirte, reports now suggest that rather than just having been shot in the legs, he is in fact dead. Al Arabiyah is tweeting that this is in fact the case and that shortly they will be permitted to film the corpse.

All this is cause for an immense feeling of both relief and satisfaction. One day the truth of Gadaffi, his role in the original oil price crisis and the long demise of the West will be more widely known and even fully appreciated. I will enjoy a quiet celebratory drink this evening.

Unhappily, Von Rompuy, still seems prepared to lead the EU in a similar direction, see my posting on that topic from last August, linked here.

Guido has a picture see here.

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