Thursday, October 20, 2011

My comment to John Redwood's Diary posting of today.

The Diary entry recording the status of Conservative Party opinion, on the coming EU vote on Monday, linked here,was as follows:

Martin Cole
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Thank you for that analysis of the situation in your party.
President Sarkozy, quitting his wife’s bedside as she gave birth to their daughter, to negotiate details in Frankfurt of an arrangement to stave off default of the three largest French banks, better paints the backdrop to the environment against which Monday’s brought forward vote in Westminster will occur.
The riots on the streets of Greece, the closing collapse of the Portuguese economy and the threat to Spain and Italy of passing beyond a liquidity crisis to one of solvency, as warned by Mervyn King, Governor of the Bank of England, the evening before last, all indicate that over the next few days Europe is approaching an historically defining moment. MPs owe it to their constituents to educate themselves on the EU over the coming few days, crass ignorance is widespread.
To grapple with the realities of the developments now likely to follow this coming defining moment for the EU, our Parliamentarians of all parties need to take cognisance of all the well known facts, both of our country since the European Communities Act of 1972 but more importantly the motivations and negligence of those devising and running the euro currency since its inception.
Much day to day commentary, down the years, of all these events is available on my blog.
Any MPs who vote in any way (regardless of any supposed party whipping that may or may not be imposed,) to deprive the people of Britain, a say in the future course of their country at this crucial and desperate juncture, will never again deserve election to any legislative or public body.

More background to the crisis may be read here.



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